Tango Dango is a unique event celebrating the best in short-form content. Our vision is a crossroads between brands, advertisers and content creators that celebrate great work and forge new working relationships.

We accept web series, films and originals (all under five minutes)!

August 1, 2018

The Tango Dango Awards has officially found a home at the Crowne Plaza in Atlanta  SW - Peachtree City. With open arms, we are welcomed into this hotel that has means to serve us as we grow and expand.

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June 4, 2018

Los Angeles & New York—The founders of TangoDango.com announced today that they will host a new awards show for short films and originals. By short, they mean very short; no longer than 5 minutes. While they applaud other festivals and awards shows, they believe there has been a qualitative shift toward featuring much longer content. “As that happens,” explained MaryLynn Suchan, Tango Dango co-founder, “the cost to create these projects naturally increases, and that increase all too often stops content creators from pursuing their craft. In reality, the constant creation of content will sharpen their skills and should not be dismissed due to a shorter running time.” That’s good news for film students and creators who might believe they are ace-filmmakers but don’t have an endless supply of funds backing their project.

There is another creator community they are looking to serve: the seasoned and siloed professional who wants to do something different or showcase their abilities. One of...

The Tango Dango Awards is a new awards show celebrating the best in short (under 5 min.) films and originals. Simply put, the longer films and shows are, the more they cost to make. As a result, when professionals want to give their original ideas life outside of the studio system, they often spend the largest portion of their time not making the picture, but raising money. Since many creatives are not professional fundraisers, many of those endeavors never come to fruition. That leaves brands and advertisers with fewer ways to discover experts in the short-short format. Our goal is to bridge that gap.

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